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Glen Cove, NY - the first in a string of pearls

Tad came back from his run this morning and said, "Babe, I think we may have missed something!" He was right.

We stored the boat in Glen Cove over the winter, so in our minds, it was simply the place where we were picking her up, provisioning, and creating an agenda for the next five weeks. Had we stored her elsewhere, Glen Cove would have likely been a destination point on our agenda. We almost missed this little gem! I wonder how many times we miss treasures because we are not in a mode to explore but to produce.

So, welcome to Glen Cove!

Glen Cove Commemorative Marker

Established in the late 1600s by English colonists, this now opulent sea-side town became an independent hamlet. Already an active port in 1668, multiple plantation owners purchased 2,000 acres each from the Matinecock tribe and named the hamlet "Musketa", meaning "place of rushes." From 1680 onward, the community was governed by the Town of Oyster Bay, until 1917, when it became a city. In 1834, the towns-people changed the name to Glen Cove.

At the turn-of-the-century, Glen Cove became a part of the "Gold Coast Shoreline", a ribbon of coastal towns in the roaring 1920s bordering the North Shore boasting majestic estates of industrial tycoons. J.P. Morgan, the Garvies family, and John T. Pratt were just a few located in Glen Cove. The Mansion at Glen Cove, (pictured above) once owned by John T. Pratt is now a luxury hotel.

Although we did not visit, there is also a Holocaust Museum, which is located in the Welwyn Estate, once owned by Harold Irving Pratt and purchased by Boris Chartan, a halocaust survivor, in 1992. I would have liked to visit and was disappointed we didn't act sooner.

The downtown is quaint and you've got to check out Charles of Glen Cove, an old-school family-owned hardware store. A neighbor boater recommended it when we questioned the best place to purchase a new cockpit mat. As we left to check it out he yelled, "oh and, if they don't have it, you don't need it!". He was right as Charles of Glen Cove had just about anything and everything you could imagine!

Charles of Glen Cove

Downtown Stores and post office

We would be remiss not to take time to thank Brewers Yacht Yard and Marina for housing Guardian over the winter and having her ready to go. Also, big thanks to DiMillos Yacht Sales where we first picked up Guardian two years ago and who once again prepped her for us! As always, everyone there went above and beyond. Dan, extra thanks for your patience as we asked a bajillion questions. Karen, thanks for loaning us your very cool Mini Coop so we could buy groceries! You guys are the best!


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