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Hi, I'm Suzzanne! 

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I believe dreams are exciting, but the true adventure lies in making them come true!


If you're like us and dream of visiting the amazing ports and towns that ribbon America's shores, but you don't know where to begin, let our journey help you decide! 

A bit about us

This blog began three years ago as a way for friends and family to follow along as we, a west coast couple, spent summers heeding the call of coastal ports along the magnificent east coast shores. Since then, more and more boaters with a longing to explore, but unsure or overwhelmed with where to start have thanked us for helping them to choose a journey for themselves. Crazy, but so cool!


I, Suzzanne am the first mate, fender-tier, buoy grabber, tactician and snack-tician! The captain of our voyage is my amazing husband, Tad, who's been boating for over 40 years and competing in sailing regattas all over the U.S., Canada, and the BVIs. He’s not so sure about me putting our journey"out there", but as the writer, I am the captain of my prose, and have overruled! 

Our vessel is a Sabre 48 we named “Guardian” as a foretelling of her responsibility to keep us safe while we place markers on the map of our sea-bound adventures.

We'd love to have you come along as we land new shores and share stories about the lives and places touched along the way! 


Suzzanne and Tad

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