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Sea Bags - creative upcycling making a 600 ton difference!

I love it when I stumble upon people and places trying to make the world a better place!

While meandering through the quaint little town of Greenport, we came across this inspiring shop called Sea Bags. Originating from Portland, Maine, Sea Bags upcycles used sails and keeps them out of our oceans and landfills! They are a company that believes "recycled" and "sustainable" are not afterthoughts, but the cornerstones of their brand.

Even better, their bags are adorable! I bought this great bag that has three carrying options: handled strap, side sling, and back pack. The design makes it super simple to adjust and reinforcements keep the rope in place. Not only is it easy-breezy, versatile and light-weight, it's super comfortable!

Click on their logo to check out this great company and the cool items for sale. AND, you can shop online too!

PS - My wine lover friends... be sure to look at the cool wine bags!


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